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1. be doing/ be about to do/be on the point of doing/had done…, when…(when:這時, 強調一個動作的突然發生)

1) I was walking along the river, when I heard a drowning boy cry for help.

2) I was about to leave when it began to rain.3) I had just finished my test paper when the bell rang, announcing the exam was over.

2. It was(not) +時間段+before +一般過去時“過了一段時間就……”It will(not) be+時間段+before +一般現在時“要過一段時間才會……” It is/ has been +時間段+ since… It was+點時間+ when… It was+時間狀語+ that…(強調句)

1) It was not long before he sensed the danger of the position.不久他就意識到他處境危險。(動作已發生)

2) It will be half a year before you graduate from the school.還有半年你才從這個學校畢業。(動作未發生)

3) It is 3 years since he worked here. = he left here.(since從句中的謂語動詞若是延續性動詞,要從這個動作結束的時候算起)

4) It was 3 o’clock when they received the telephone.

5) It was at 3 o’clock that they received the telephone.

3. once… 一旦……,表示時間和條件

1) Once you start, you will never give up.

2) Once you understand what the teacher explained, you will have no difficulty doing the work.

4. the +比較級……,the +比較級……“越……越……”The more books you read, the more knowledge you will get.

5. whether…or…無論是……還是……

1) Whether the weather is good or bad, they will set off as they planned.

2) Any person, whether young or old, has his own worth.

6. 祈使句+or/otherwise +結果句或祈使句+ and +結果句

1) Stop doing such a foolish thing, or you will be punished in time.

2) More effort, and the problem would have been settled.

7. every time/each time/next time/the first time/any time等短語引導時間狀語從句,表示“每當,每次,下次,第一次,任何時候”。

1) Every time you meet with new words while reading, don’t always refer to your dictionary.

2) Next time you come, do remember to bring your son here.

3) You are welcome to come back any time you want to.

8. There is(no) need to do…

There is(no)hope/chance/possibility of doing…

There is(no)difficulty/trouble/point/delay( in )doing

1) Is there any chance of our winning the match?

2) There is no point in discussing the problem again.

9. it 強調句:基本構成形式:It is/ was +被強調部分+ who/ that+原句剩余部分

I met him in the street yesterday afternoon.

It was I who/that met him in the street yesterday afternoon.(強調是我,不是別人)

It was in the street that I met him yesterday afternoon.(強調是在大街上,不是在別的地方,強調的是地點,但不用where)

It was yesterday afternoon that I met him in the street.(強調是昨天下午,不是在別的時候,強調的是時間,但不用when)

10. not... until直到……才

1) The villagers didn’t realize how serious the pollution was until all the fish died in the river.

2) It was not until all the fish died in the river that the villagers realized how serious the pollution was.(強調句)

3) Not until all the fish died in the river did the villagers realize how serious the pollution was.(倒裝句)

11. not only…but (also)…

引導并列結構:作主語時,謂語動詞與鄰近的一個主語保持一致。Not only the teacher but also the students have their eyes examined regularly.not only... but (also)…引導并列句時,not only引導的部分置于句首時要部分倒裝。

1) Not only was everything he had taken away, but also his German citizenship was taken away.

2) Not only should we students study hard, but also we should know how to enjoy ourselves in our spare time.

12. would rather +從句(從句要用虛擬語氣,即從句中謂語動詞用一般過去式, 表示現在或將來的愿望;從句中謂語動詞用過去完成市,表示對過去的愿望)

1) I’d rather you posted the letter right now.


2) I’d rather I hadn’t seen her yesterday.


13. so, neither/nor 引導得倒裝表示“另一者也如此”及前者的情況也適用于后者,用so, neither/nor引導的倒裝句,助動詞的選擇依據前一句的謂語動詞。

1) He has finished his homework, so have I.

2) My sister prefers coffee, so do I.

3) John can’t ride a bicycle, neither/nor can I.若前句的謂語動詞既有肯定又有否定形式時,或謂語動詞不屬于一類時,用It is/was the same with sb.或So it is/was with sb.

1) He is a worker and he works hard, so it is with John.若后一句是對前一句所說的內容表示贊同或認可,則主語和謂語不倒裝。

1) — It is cold today. — Yes. So it is

2) — He visited Tokyo last week. — Yes. So he did.

14. 倍數表達法:

A+謂語+倍數+ the + n.(size/ height/ length…) + of B

A+謂語+倍數+ as + abj. + as B

A+謂語+倍數+ adj.比較級+ than B

A +謂語+ adj.比較級+than B + by +倍數

1) This square is twice the size of that one. This square is twice as large as that one. This square is once larger than that one.

2) This factory produced three times as many cars as they did 10 years ago.

3) He is 3 years older than IHe is older than I by 3 years.

15. as/with表示“隨……進展”,as后面接句子,with后面接短語。

1) With the industry developing, the pollution is becoming more and more serious.

2) As the industry develops, the pollution is becoming more and more serious.

16. with的復合結構(作狀語或作定語)with + n. + adj. (with可以省略)

1) (With) the street wet and slippery, we had to ride our bikes slowly and carefully.Because the street were wet and slippery, …

2) The students were listening to the teacher, (with) their eyes wide open.The students were listening to the teacher, and their eyes were wide open.with+ n. + adv. (with可以省略)

1) He put on his coat hurriedly, (with) the wrong side out.

with + n. + prep-phrase (with可以省略)

1) The old man was seated in the sofa, (with) a pipe in his mouth.with + n.+ to do/to be done (動詞不定式的動作還未進行)

with + n.+ doing/being done (動詞不定式的動作正在進行)

with + n.+ done (動詞不定式的動作已經完成或指n.所處的狀態)

1) With so many problems to settle, the newly-elected president is having a hard year.

2) He was lying in bed, with his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

3) With the temple being repaired, we can’t visited it.

17. 以here, there, in, out, up, down, away等副詞開頭的倒裝句(多用一般現在時表示正在進行的動作)。

1) Here comes the bus! (=The bus is coming here!)

2) Away he went. 他走遠了。(若主語是代詞則主語與謂語不倒裝)

18. 方位狀語位于句首時的倒裝句。

1) In front of the house stopped a police car.

2) Under the tree sat a boy, with a book in his hand.

19. 具有否定意義的副詞或短語位于句首時句子要部分倒裝

常用的有:little, never, seldom, hardly, rarely, no sooner, in no time, by no means, in no case等。



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